History of the MacKenzie Farm Property

We will be working to get this information and have this as a detailed page.  We have had Gordon MacKenzie stop in and go over some of the history.  We will be sitting down with him and getting more detailed information and pictures to post.

The MacKenzie Family got the land in 1831 after coming to Prince Edward Island.  They walked 60kms to get to the property which was fully wooded at that time.  It was a 100 acre parcel.  The land that we are currently farming has only been used as pasture.  Where the "new" greenhouse is going use to be the family garden.

The first house was built on the far side of the creek near the spring.

In the 1960's there was an experimental dairy farm, with 20 dairy cows.  There were hogs here at one time as well.  The bunk house/CSA pickup area was grain storage for years, and then converted into a garage.  The original cook stove from the house that in now being lived in is in the CSA pickup area.  

The building that is now called the drive shed was a drive shed.  The large opening on it was so that the combine would fit inside.  The main barn where the chickens roost was the dairy barn.  The "pig" barn was the pig barn.  The "L" shape of the pig barn is from one barn from across the creek being moved over to the other barn, creating the "L".

Gordon MacKenzie built the house himself in approx. 1960.  There have been upgrades and renovations since then.