Above: Thomas talking to workshop participants at the workshop on Wednesday evening.

Thomas arrived at our place on Monday.  Two days early.  We were happy to have him.  On Wednesday evening he did a "Maintaining your diesel engine" workshop.  We has looking for a tractor under 10 years old for the workshop so we borrowed one from a friend/neighbour.  Andrew Carins brought up the tractor from his farm for the workshop.  Our tractor is just a little older than that (mid 60's). 

Thomas worked on the Massey for us.  All the fluids were changed, and some other work was preformed.  We are still working on having it as a working tractor though.  Thomas also worked on the Ford.  It now starts again, after not being in use the past 3 months.  The lawn tractor, and tiller also had oil changed and got tuned up. 

Thomas has a lot of information to share from his journey across the country.  He showed us pictures of how other farmers across the country are doing similar things.  Some things that work for some farmers do not work for others depending on location, including growing conditions.  We have picked up a few new ideas from Thomas' journey. 

We hope that some of the CSA members got a chance to meet Thomas on Tuesday when they were here for pickup.  He enjoyed meeting new people and sharing his experiences with us.