Can the greenhouses survive the strong winds?

With living as high as we do, wind seems to be an issue we are learning to adapt too. Last winter we only had one greenhouse fully constructed and in use.  This year we have 3.  Jeff and I were both working off the farm full time. 

We always had a hard time sleeping, when we could hear the plastic blowing in the wind each night when there were high winds.   Last year there was five weeks straight of 80-100 km/hr winds 2 to 3 days of the week.  After December 23rd we were even more worried about it.  We never thought the winds would be so strong for so long.  I guess when we can see the wind turbines in Summerside we know we are high, and when the house shakes we know they are strong. 

We came home last year on December 23rd and heard a noise coming from the greenhouse.  I did a quick walk around and everything looked fine.  Jeff came home after me and I sent him out to see if he knew what was making the noise.  He discovered that the bolts had been sheared off by the wind on the south side of the greenhouse, and if the winds didn’t let up there was a chance we would loose the whole greenhouse.  The whole side of the greenhouse was moving with the wind.

We called some of the neighbours that we knew at that time to come help.  We ended up attaching the hip board with rope.  In Mid summer we had a few nice days and got everything replaced, and now have double poly on the greenhouse, which helps to strengthen it and really reduces the noise of plastic flapping and helps to give a better night sleep.  There were several other modifications done to the original greenhouse that we also did when completing the other greenhouses.

Yesterday with the high winds we were unable to keep the pellet stove going, if the wind blows the right way it can blow it right out. A disadvantage of the pellet stove.  We could also feel the house shake with some of the gusts that came through.  We gave up on the pellet stove and were thankful for the furnace we still have for backup. 

We didn’t sleep well last night either with the high winds shaking the house and the concerns about the greenhouses.  I don’t think I will ever sleep a good night again when there is wind with the greenhouses.  

We woke up this morning and are happy to report that they are all still there.  I was kidding with Jeff that one didn’t have plastic on last night, but it was just the frame of the 4th greenhouse that is still not complete due to high winds.  As we wait for days that we have little wind to complete it we are also glad for those days to get a good sleep.  We have beautiful views being up so high, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and stronger winds when others think there is no wind.  We take the good with the bad.  It is all a part of living in this beautiful area and choosing to have greenhouses.