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Once again it has been a bit since the last blog posting.  We have had some extra time over the past few weeks with the storms that came through, and lots to write about.  I was afraid though that it would have all been too negative so thought it would be best to hold off.


So if you haven’t already heard, there was a storm come through at the end of March called White Juan 2.  White Juan came though 10 years ago before we were living here.  It dropped more snow, but the winds were not as high.   We were told to prepare for power outages, and have supplies for three days on hand.


We thought we were prepared.  We went shopping and stocked up on what we could.  We had the generator ready to go, Jeff tested it.  We had extra fuel.  Lots of games, candles, and were prepared for some quality family time.  We made sure the animals all had lots of food and water, in case we wanted to postpone going out.  Jeff went out at noon on the Wednesday to take the hens some more water and noticed that our smallest greenhouse was not going to last through the storm.  At that time the winds were too high for us to do anything about it.  A few of the bows were already bent.  Everything else looked good.  The wind was coming from the East and was pretty strong.  By mid afternoon we were without power.  Not a problem, do some running around and get the generator going and everything for the greenhouses was back to normal.   The generator is only used for the greenhouses, not the house.   A little while later, the power came back on.  I cranked the heat in the house to warm it back up, and we prepared for another outage.  The news kept saying the worst was yet to come. 


The power went back out shortly after the house warmed back up.  We went out and checked everything again.  Everything looked good.  We cuddled up in the living room where we had a family campout.  We didn’t sleep well at all with the strong winds, and not knowing how things were holding up as the worst part of the storm came through. 

When we woke up in the morning, Jeff went out to check on things, we had lost 3 tunnels.  We were still without power.  As we waited for power to come back on and winds to die we went through all the gasoline we had.  We siphoned it out of the everything we could.  Thanks to Matt and Nadia Dykerman for bringing us some more gas, some hot coffee and fresh baked cookies.  They welcomed us back to their house for a warm meal and the use of their dryer.  When we came back home we had power.  It was nice to be through the worst part of the storm and get on with everything.


Then the next week we had yet another storm come through, this time with freezing rain.  We lost power for a bit.  This time though it was the freezing rain I wasn’t looking forward too.  It can cut through the greenhouse plastic like razor blades.  We ended up with several holes in the plastic to repair but nothing significant.


After those 2 weeks of bad weather I was more than ready to be done with winter.  I felt I had suffered enough.  Between the deep cold, loss of the structures, and more repairs I wasn’t sure how we were going to get through everything.


A big thank you to Hannah Bell though for helping to get the Indiegogo Campaign up and going and for managing it for us.  Thanks for taking it on for us.  Also a big thank you to the community for coming through and support us though all of this.    We met our goal this week.  What an amazing feeling.


We started tackling everything this week.  We placed the order for the replacement plastic and bows.  They will be here by April 25th when we hope to be prepared to get things rebuilt.


I took down the greenhouse myself on Wednesday while Jeff worked on some of the other odd jobs that needed done around the farm.  It was a great feeling getting it cleaned up.


Thursday I started to take down the tunnels.  It was very time consuming since there is still a lot of snow still around them, and lots of bent bows.  We (I did have Jeff come and help in between things) manage to get part of 2 of them down.  Over the next week we do hope to get it all taken down and prepared. 


The beautiful days have helped us get back at things with a renewed energy.  We have got the sides rolled up on he greenhouses, which is great.  The amount of snow had made it pretty hard to do.  We have lots of seedlings started, and have done some transplanting.  Jeff got the door on the new greenhouse.  He also got the fan in the new greenhouse in and going.  His next project will be tackling the area for the pigs.  We are expecting them to arrive around Easter. 


We also had the first year Culinary Students come out for a tour on Thursday.  It is great having them come out for tours. 


So we look ahead and forward for spring to actually arrive.  We are behind with some plantings already.  We are going to continue to work on things and tackle this upcoming season.  We are preparing for a great season, and looking for the challenges it brings for us.