Finally we got some rain.  Not much at all but we won’t complain.  The ground looks wet.  We only got a couple of millimeters and could have used a lot more.

We forgot to take pictures of the produce yesterday before CSA and veggie boxes.  Jeff harvested Chinese cabbages for full shares.  We had a couple comments on how big they were.  There are pictures on FaceBook  of some of the other produce though, if you want to keep updated.

We started to harvest potatoes this week too.  We started with Irish Cobblers for this week. Some of the other varieties we are growing this year include Norlands, Yukon Gems, and Russets.  Next week we will dig carrots instead, we are through one complete row of potatoes already with digging them this early.  They won’t last long with digging each week.


It was pick your own peas and strawberries at the farm for CSA members.  We didn’t provide berries this week, so picking should have been a little better.  The first planting of peas is almost finished so we usually allow CSA member the opportunity to come out and pick there own during pickup times. 


There were lots of herbs out: lemon balm, oregano, cilantro, thyme, and sage.  We always have them in the “extras” section, as we don’t want people to feel that they have to cook with them.

We went through and harvested a lot of summer turnips and hakurei  for everyone.  We are going through and starting to get a couple sections cleaned up for cover cropping and to prepare for fall planting.  Next week will be a big week for lettuce, as we are going to pull one of our planting of mixed greens for cover cropping it. The CSA members should be able to double up on the amount for next week.

The next set of chickens should be ready for aprox. August 8th.  We will see about getting a couple smaller ones this time.  The last order they were all close to 8lbs, which is a little on the large size for most people.  It is hard to get them to a good size for everyone when we also have to try and get them booked in and that can take extra time as well.

We seemed to be able to stay on top of the potato beetle this year.  We learned a lot from last year.  Both years the potatoes were planted in the far field just at opposite ends.  We watched for them daily, and were out on patrol daily.  It became a daily task Olivia liked to do as well.  They also attack tomatoes and eggplants, so we had to watch them as well.  The eggplants in the greenhouse seem to get hit worse then the field plants, but they are all looking good.

We have started selling some of the extra produce from the farm and Marco Polo veggie boxes.  The Cornwall veggie boxes are not sold out so we are using the produce planned for them at Marco Polo.  We always grow a little bit extra for ourselves for the winter, and farm gate sales.  We usually have fresh produce picked and prepared or if we don’t have it, we can pick some when you come.  Its great having neighbors stop in for some of the extras.

We are still hard at it with things.  We got another planting of broccoli and cabbages out on Friday morning, when the ground was damp and before it go warm.  We still have some more transplanting to do as well.

Soon we will be starting the seedlings for the winter, for transplanting into the greenhouses.  It seems like we just finished the transition and we are thinking of it again.  We will be moving the one greenhouse soon, up beside the other greenhouses for the winter to see how it goes.  We have some new plastic ordered up, and are looking forward to doing it.