Its May already.  Things seem like they are in full swing. 

We have been doing veggie boxes in Cornwall weekly the last several weeks.  We hope to do them again next week.  We did a record number of boxes out of the greenhouse last week. We have been setting up market style, and having a choice of produce each week.  It seems to be going over well.  Last week we also had samples for people to try. 


We have been doing some transplanting out into the field, and some direct seeding as well.  We have over 7000 parsnips, 5000 carrots, peas, beets, spinach, swiss chard, arugula, radishes and beets and summer turnips all direct seeded.  We have over 3000 onions transplanted, and some more to go.  We also direct seed some.  There is head lettuce, and leaf lettuce, bok choi, tatsoi all transplanted out.  We are working hard trying to get everything all out.

The seedlings covered up to protect them from the frost and cold nights.

We want to get the CSA started as early as we can.  We do base the payments on starting the last week in June, but we are sure everyone is eager to get started.

We have been waiting for lime to come and be spread as well.  It should be done by the end of this week, or so I have been told. If we were larger it would be easier to get it spread.  I even asked, and was told if we needed 900tonne spread they would come today.  So we continue to wait.  All of our row spacing is currently based on the spacing that is needed for the spreader to go down the rows and how far it is spread.

With these cold nights lately we have been making sure the seedlings are covered to protect them against the cold and frost. 

Throughout April I learned a lot about beneficial insects.  Where to find them, and what beneficial insects are good for the unwanted pests.  We seem to have a variety of beneficial insects now within the greenhouses.  We always want to make sure that if we are killing an insect it is not a beneficial one. 


Becky is joining us for the month.  We are looking forward to having Becky stay with us.  She will be learning different things about our farm and how we do things.  She will be helping with day to day jobs, which include harvesting, planting, weeding, seeding, and other jobs around the farm.  You may get a chance to meet her when we are delivering veggie boxes, or if you stop by the farm.  She has been a great help so far, and willing to try new things.  Its great having her.

We have been busy trying to tackle some of the odd jobs around the farm.  We now have the second floor of the bunk house drywalled.  Now to finish the taping and mudding.  It has come along way.  We have installed a pig feeder for the pigs, we needed to upgrade what we had since we have more pigs this year.  The pigs have also been enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Time is being spent with Timber and Jack.  Jack is doing really well.  Timber is a little younger, and isn’t where Jack is just yet.  It will all come together soon.  I have been trying to spend some extra time with them.  We now have fencing for them, just need to get it up so they can have more time outside.

Jeff made a new dibbler for me as well for helping with the transplanting.  He has another one he is almost done, which should really save time this spring.

April was a great month, we have been getting a lot done.  We will see what May brings. 

I haven't been big on using the camera.  Hopefully we can get out and take some more pictures soon.  There are pictures from the month of April posted on the Facebook page.