Next week is the end of the main season veggie boxes.  We feel we have come along with this year with them.  We started last year, earlier than expected, with boxes we created on our own, and you got what we put in them.  We started the winter veggies last year, but not regularly.   With the veggie boxes being a new program, we feel we have come a long way since last season. 


This year, before the main season started, we had set up market style to allow choice in the boxes  Choices have always been based on a first come first serve basis. Encouraging everyone to come earlier to get the best selection.  Quiet often we get asked about doing up custom boxes for people, but this can become an administration nightmare when we are trying to harvest, grow and prepare the veggie boxes all ourselves.  There is another veggie box program out there that does customize them, but he is not the grower, just the middle man, and also charges a $5 fee on all boxes for his time.  It is something we have considered doing but at this time do not have the man power to do so.   We may look to do a few "express" boxes next year, which will be pre-made boxes ready to go, if in a rush.  We will see how they go in the main season.

A Veggie box from our first year, pre-made

This past year we had veggie boxes set up to get a bag of mixed greens each, thinking that if you wanted a veggie box you wanted mixed greens.  We have since changed that, and are now including them in the first section. 

The sections do have different values, so sometimes when we can we will weigh out different amounts for them to be in more than one section.  It can be difficult though, as we feel like it can limit variety sometimes.  It seemed to go over well with peas and beans and we will try it again next year for sure.  We have also included eggs in both sections, but not the full dozen in the first section.  We have had mixed reviews on this, and are unsure whether or not we will continue with it.   Veggie box pricing is usually based off farmers market prices as well, to help make sure we can get a fair value for what we are growing.  We look back to corn, and cannot even think to grow corn for the $0.20 per cob the grocery store sells it for when it is in season.  The nice thing is though, we know ours hasn’t been sprayed with those nasty chemicals.  Corn is also hard to grow, if we don’t get the heat units, it just doesn’t grow. 

Veggie box options from the summer, to allow choice

Just a reminder if you have recipes to submit, please email them, or post them on our FB page.  We will be adding them to the website this winter in our downtime. 


The veggie box location has moved back and forth between the Town hall and Civic Centre.  We are hoping that going forward it will stay at the Town hall, to help eliminate confusion, this should also help with keeping the times consistent.  We may be expanding into other Communities next year as well.  The times might change a little bit to help accommodate this, but we will be waiting until the spring to see.


Go!PEI and the Central Region Sports and Recreation Council were  out to see us on Tuesday evening and to check out how the veggie boxes were working.  We partner with them, and the Town of Cornwall to be able to provide them.  It was mentioned how great it was that we were offering a $10 box, as all the other programs just offer the $20 box.  Through the summer when we have lots on, we also make a $30 box available to hopefully allow you to get more of your favourite veggies.  We also had some families getting multiple boxes this year as well. 


We have lots growing for the winter season, with the addition of the three tunnels we hope to be able to provide fresh greens on a more regular basis.  The greens have been in the veggie box as options for the last couple weeks. 


Well as we continue to prepare for the winter, we still have lots of harvesting to do, hopefully we can get all the potatoes out this weekend.  There is still lots to do and we love every minute of it.