We have had a very busy several weeks here at the farm.  I feel so bad with the lack of blog postings that have been getting done this summer.

We spent a Sunday working on meals for the summer.  With July being our busiest time of year we try and make it so we can still eat healthy.  If we didn’t I think we would live off of frozen pizzas.  (and I really don’t care for them)

We purchased 40 lbs of ground beef from Jeremy Stead.  We do this each spring when he has some available.  We spent the afternoon working on 4 different flavours of hamburgers for BBQing this summer.  We also made up six meat loaves and 3 lasagnas.  It doesn’t seem like a lot of work when we all work together and get it done.  It saves a lot of time though on those really busy days, all we have to remember to do is pull it out of the freeze ahead of time.

You might be thinking meat loaf for the summer, it has to be a favourite comfort food for me.  Add some mashed potatoes and some homemade salsa, sweet corn or peas and we have a great home-cooked meal. 

We still have some pork chops   and homemade sausages from the fall.  Fresh chicken is coming soon.  We should be able to get a few healthy good meals in each week.

We do eat fairly well from day to day.  We enjoy lots of fresh produce, there can be lots for us to enjoy through the day as we harvest.  If we are harvesting peas and beans and accidently break the end off then we can enjoy it.  Sometimes we do miss some and they do get put in, but for the most part they don’t.    We try and enjoy lots of farm fresh meals with all the produce we grow, but it can be very time consuming some days.  I think I survived yesterday off of fresh strawberries.

We do try and avoid the frozen pizzas and other prepared meals, but must admit from time to time have one. 

Jeff’s parents were here for a week.  I asked about getting some meals made up.  We cooked up a chicken to have some additional meals made.    Jeff’s mom makes an amazing chicken pot pie, and an Indonesian rice.  I ended up with 2 rice dishes and 4 pot pies.    That’s a lot of help for the upcoming weeks.

While they were here, his father got our road side sign up.  I an so grateful for the help we get when they come.  We have had the sign since the fall, and it took until now to get it up.

We had some friends stop in from Ontario to visit.  They didn’t stay here, but we did take some time off to spend with them.  It has really kept us busy, with no down time.

Olivia spent last week in Culinary Boot Camp.  That was a lot of extra trips to and from town.  We made extra deliveries during that time.    But it all adds up.  It was Olivia’s one week of day camp for the summer. 


She really enjoyed it, and it was well worth the extra trips to town.  I am glad she isn’t having to go to daycamp all summer though.  That is a lot of extra work.

We had an employee working full time, and she ended up quitting on July 1st.  That has added to our work load as we work to have her replaced .

Actual not feel like in greenhouses.  
Even the heat loving plants don't like it this hot.

We have also had the heat to deal with.  It is a lot of extra work.  When we go from irrigating the greenhouses and tunnels every other day to needing to do it at least daily, and the extra water to animals it all adds up.    With the hot weather a lot of plants just don’t grow.  Some of the cool weather plants like arugula and spinach have bolted (gone to seed) and don’t taste well at all. 

The ideal temperature for tomatoes is 28C, not the 44+ that it has been in the tunnels.  With the rain we received, and hopefully a break in the hot weather we hope things are back to normal.


The hot weather also brought earlier mornings and later nights for harvesting.  For the most part during the hot days (after 10am) we were not harvesting.  The plants just don’t do well.  We were up and at it each morning by 5:30, starting the harvest.

We are looking forward to a few shorter days as we try and catch our breath.

Now for the week ahead.  More challenges but that is all a part of it.  And we enjoy it.