We have been hard at work preparing for the fall, winter and spring.  We are looking forward to taking on the challenge of growing through the winter again.

This past weekend we put up 3 caterpillar tunnels.  They are 17’x 102’. 

The tunnels arrived last Tuesday from Ontario.  They came at the end of the day when I was at veggie boxes.  By the time I came home it was dark so I wasn’t able to see what had been delivered.  Jeff took a couple pictures of what arrived.


Wednesday I spent the day in town at a temporary job at my previous employer to help them out for a couple of months.  Jeff didn’t let that stop him though.  He went right to work and started pounding in the rebar for the posts.  We had already had all the land worked and marked out to where they were going to go

We had Rob O’Connor come out and help last Thursday.  He started helping with harvesting and preparing for CSA and veggie boxes, and then continued onto the tunnels.  Jeff and Rob got all the rebar pounded in, and then the bows up for two of the tunnels.  They were starting to take shape.


On Saturday we were hoping to get them completed, the last of the bows and then the plastic.  We had some volunteers lined up as well to come out and help. Once we realized how windy it was going to be we cancelled that plan.


On Saturday Jeff and I got the remaining bows up and waited.

Sunday morning we woke up and there was no wind.  We decided it was time to tackle the plastic.  It was just the three of us, Jeff, Olivia and myself.  We are a great team. 


We got the plastic on the first one, and the ropes on loosely.  Then the second one.  Took a break for lunch, and thought we might still have enough time for the third tunnel.  We got the plastic rolled out, and started to pull it over when the winds picked up.  We managed though.  As we started to get the ropes on, the winds really picked up and we had to use Olivia as a weight to hold the plastic down at the other end.  We continued with the ropes and I realize we should have just waited for the third tunnel.  The ropes were too loose on the other two tunnels and were coming off.  Do we continue on with the last tunnel or go and save the first two?


We did both.  I did what I could on my own, and then called for Jeff .  We had to work quick in between gusts.  We got the second tunnel saved and went back to the third for a couple of minutes, and to reposition Olivia.  We then went and saved the third tunnel.

By the time we got the ropes on the third tunnel we were ready for a break.  We kept working away at things and got the ends tightened and the ropes all tightened. 

That was enough plastic for one day.  We decided to leave the greenhouse for another calm day.


It  just happened that Monday was also a calm day, so we went at it.  I am afraid of heights and didn’t like dong it.  I think Jeff is always surprised what I can do when I put my mind to it.  I was on top of the greenhouse frame, looking at Summerside and the North shore and thinking there has to be someone else for this job than me. 

Jeff and I rolled the plastic down the middle one way, and back up the other way.  I was very happy to have my feet on the ground when we were done.

By lunch we had the plastic on the greenhouse, had the wiggle-wire and the end walls all done (we did the end-walls before the main plastic).

Jeff spent an hour in the afternoon getting the rollup sides working and the blower fan installed.  It was another busy day. 

We spent the rest of the day working in plantings in the field that are done, and other odd jobs. 

We hope that with the additional greenhouse and caterpillar space we can ease through the transition period much easier and provide even more selection and more regular veggie boxes throughout the off-season months.