We are due now for a blog posting.  Sorry for the delay.  I don't want to give a sob story but we have been busy.
The "main" greenhouse is being transformed from summer hot house to winter production.  The tunnels are done, and are growing.  The 'mini" greenhouse (which is not our smallest) is also planted and growing.  The "new" greenhouse (which is not the newest, but the one we moved) was planted really early and we are getting most of our produce from there at the moment.  

After a few hard nights, the tomatoes decided to give in for the season. We were hoping they would have lasted a little longer since we did have them until Christmas last year.  But it was a good season, and we had more tomatoes than we ever expected.

We pulled the plants.  We also had nasturtiums growing down the North side, and they were done in as well.  We pulled everything and started to prepare for the winter season.  We added some composted manure and Jeff went at the tilling.
Over the weekend, we started on Friday evening we started planting.  We transplanted in some mixed greens (lettuce greens) and bok choi.  We also did some direct seeding.  With growth being really slow this time of year because of the short days and cold temperatures it will slow down the growth of all the plants.  Once mid February comes though everything will just start to take off (we hope).
It doesn't seem like spring is too far away either and we will be doing the transition again in the spring.  I think the spring transition is a little harder to get down, but we managed last year without having to have an interruption in the veggie boxes.  The fall was a lot easier as well since we didn't have the "new" greenhouse in production and the tunnels were just going up.  Each season the transition seems to be easier as we continue to learn and improve things.
The website has been having a lot of changes (mostly small) done as well.  Things may be moving around, removed or added.  If there is something you are looking for please send a quick email.  Or if for some reason of human error made by myself.
We have been out and doing some flame weeding.  It seems to be a job I really like doing.  We got a backpack large enoguh to fit the propane tank in and I used that over the weekend.  The propane tank sure got heavy after a bit, but it was a lot easier than trying to carry it around, with one hand, and use the weeded with the other.  I was more than happy to get it off my back.