After a miserable two and a half days of cold damp weather last week we were hoping we would have received more rain.  By Thursday evening the top layer of soil was dry again.  The cold temperatures and lack of rain have slowed growth down quiet a bit.  The rain we received on Saturday was nice, and has helped but just didn’t seem like enough.

Now it looks like we are back into a dry warm period. We have received our “irrigation pump” last week.  Jeff will be getting the fittings we need for it.  We won’t be able to do the whole field at once, but will be able to tackle an area or two each day. 

We do not have row cover to cover each rows to help keep things warm during the cold nights.  We do have the big pieces of row cover, which are great for frost protection.  We don’t like to leave them on for too many days though, as we can trap some bugs under them, and the weeds will also get out of control.  Hopefully with adding water on these warm days the vegetables really start to take off. 

We are still unsure of when the CSA will be starting.  We are waiting to be harvesting from the field.  We will be harvesting a bit of spinach this week for the veggie boxes.  It is nicely coming along. 

The greenhouse we call the “far greenhouse” is almost done the transition.  We still have some baby swiss chard in there but for the most part things have been pulled.  We have both peppers and eggplants planted in it.  We do have three rows of peas for veggie boxes as well. 

The green house we call the “main greenhouse” has tomatoes throughout it.  We have pulled all the spinach from it.  This coming week the arugula and mizuna will be pulled.  There are a couple dozen lettuce plants pulled each week from it as well.  The kale is almost all pulled from it too.

We have the one we have been using for seedlings in late winter, we call it the “mini”.  We made a small greenhouse inside the greenhouse and the name has stuck even though we are now using it as a full greenhouse.  We have  extra space in it  now with most of the peppers, tomatoes and eggplants being planted out.  We are planning on trying melons in it this summer. 

The “small greenhouse”  which is the one in the middle of the driveway is filled with seedlings right now.  There is a lot of lettuce to get planted out maybe this week.  There are also other seedlings in there to get transplanted out.  It is looking like it might be a busy weekend ahead. 

We had CBC here last Thursday to record a clip on us.  If you missed listening to it, it can be found on our FB page, or their website.  

Pictures can e found on Facebook.