With February gone already, and March almost gone we have started back into veggie boxes.  They started up again in February.  It was a little later than we expected but with the deep freeze in the greenhouses in January it set us back further than we expected.  That and the storms we had taking out the tunnels, and then loosing the tunnels again. 

With all of that behind us now, and fresh greens coming on things are looking good.  We do have a waiting list for the spring boxes, while we wait for the greens to grow.  We are still doing mostly storage but a bag of fresh greens is guaranteed

While we like to take on new customers this time of year, we don’t want to discourage them either.  We do not have a large selection because of the time of year.  We find it better if people want on the waiting list, to let us know, but then to hold off until May or so when we have more selection and do not have to limit the amount of greens. 

Farm fresh eggs are also part of the boxes this time of year.  You do not have to take them, as we do offer another option or two from that section.  As we get further into the season we will not have farm fresh eggs for each person.  We did just purchase about another 30 hens already laying to increase the egg supply.   

We have also ordered over 200 new hens for this spring, which we will receive in May, and hopefully laying by October.  Which is pretty much the end of the main season, but we should have lots of eggs for the off-season and next winter, and hopefully eliminate any waiting list we had this past winter.

Some of the fresh greens for veggie boxes

So if you have tried the veggie boxes in the fall, or so far this year, and think we don’t have much of a selection, well that is also how we are feeling.  It is hard to plan for this spring for storage crops, when we do it the January prior (in 2012).  We have improved the greenhouses as well which will help to extend the fall selection.  We are growing a lot more storage crops this year as well. 

We would be happy to add you to the list for the up coming season, and with the weekly email you can keep an eye on the selection.  The peas are planted, radishes, green onions, beets and carrots as well.  And that does not include the greens, we have kale, mizuna, spinach, mixed greens, arugula, tatsoi, and bok choi currently being harvested.  We have also been growing sunflower shoots for people to try.

Another week or so and we hope to have the veggie boxes going weekly, and also being able to do a $20 box.  Currently we are just doing $10 boxes. 

The CSA applications are coming in too.  We have more than 25% of the spaces filled, and the applications just got mailed to last year’s members as reminders.  We have increased our Charlottetown pickup spots to allow for more there.  We are also considering moving the veggie boxes to Charlottetown, so if interested in that please let us know.  Pickups would be on Thursday evenings.