After the sun peaking out yesterday and out today we are excited that things will start to grow a little quicker.  The CSA farm pickup is today and things are coming along well for it.  Now to just continue to have things grow for future pickups.  Greens will be on the light side this week, but we have beets and summer turnips now.

Our early potatoes we started should be ready soon.  Peas are still coming.  The second planting is also in flower. 

Mid July we will be welcoming a travelling Mechanic to our farm for a couple of days.  There will be more information to follow.  His name is Thomas.  There always seems to be something happening.

Last week we had Miku from Japan and Marcus from Germany staying with us.  For the next two weeks we will have Marion.  She is a student in Paris.  There is also some family arriving late in the week to help out and see the Island.