Its finally summer.  It sure didn’t seem like that when it arrived on Saturday.  Not going to complain now though, it has been a beautiful day and the forecast is looking great.  Just a couple more days of school for Olivia as well and she is home for the summer.

We have students working for us this year.  They have now started to work about 2 days a week for us.  We are looking forward to their help.  It will be tough at the end of August though when they go back to school.  Like other farms, and industries it is very hard to find workers.  We will see what this season has in store for us.  Hopefully come our busy harvest time in September and October weekends are beautiful so we can use the students or that we are able to find someone else by then.  With us having veggie boxes and growing year round we have the ability to offer employment at least 9 months of  the year. 

This is also the first week of CSA.  Even though we are about 2 weeks behind on harvesting, we are starting on time.  The first couple pickup are loaded with lots of greens.  There is spinach, mixed greens, chard, mustard greens, arugula, kale (2 kinds), radishes, green onions, bok choy, and edible flowers.    We are looking forward to the upcoming CSA season.

The veggie boxes are continuing.  We are running low on storage product which I can actually say is a good thing.  We have lots coming on, so hopefully we have timed it just right. 


The tunnels moved and rebuilt

We are still feeling the loss of the tunnels from March.  They are up and fully planted now, but there is still the pinch of going without them for 3 months.  Last year at this time we were swimming in peas.  We had over 300 linear feet of them.  This year we currently have about 40’.  We are just adding peas as a bit of a teaser to the veggie boxes.  They are being added to the bags of greens for salads, or adding to other meals.  Hopefully we will have enough peas soon enough.


We have had a good harvest of green onions and radishes the last couple weeks.  The rain has really sized up the radishes.  Quicker than expected.  Now to stay ahead of them before they split.


Pulling rebar

One of our students working for us this summer is Zachery MacKinnon.  He is catching on quick.  Today he helped wash, weigh and bag.  

Zack also helped pull the rebar from where the tunnels were.  It will be nice to get all of that cleaned up.  We are wanting to get it planted.  Jeff got some manure spread on it, and started to disc it. 


Jeff heading out to spread manure

Last week Jeff’s parents were here.  Jeff’s mother made us several meals for the freezer which will go a long way this summer as we work into the evening on a regular basis.  Jeff’s father did some seam filling in our bathroom.  We dry walled and insulated it this winter.  Now to try and get it finished.  He also helped to assemble what will become our roadside stand.  Still a little work left on it, including doors.

Its been a busy couple weeks, and things are coming together.  Let the summer begin, be full of amazing weather (including rain when needed just through the night) and an amazing crop of everything we grow, (and no more pest/bad bugs).


potatoes are up - Irish Cobblers