We are still waiting for things to dry up before we can plant seed.  With all this rain we have been able to work on getting some other things done, including getting the pigs moved outside, preparing the larger chicken coop (still not finished), made some headway on the bunkhouse and lots of other small jobs.
I (Carey) was out weeding part of the garden this morning in the rain.  Other than the mud I got to pull everything from it wasn't too bad.  The rain suit kept me dry and warm.

If you drive by, you might see the pigs outside.  We have seen a lot of people slow down, even stop and turn around to check them out.  

We will be welcoming another WWOOFer this week.  We are looking forward to having some more company and getting to know a little about Ireland. 
We spent the last two weeks hosting a young German couple.  They were great help and a pleasure to have.