It has been a busy fall here.  We have been busy with harvest, winter plantings and clean up.  Who would have thought there would be so much  to do before winter.

We emptied the swimming pool in September, trying to stay ahead of things, and it still hasn’t managed to get put away.  It is one of those things that just keeps getting put off.  We have been focusing more on the farm than on personal things so far this fall.

The tunnels are all planted, and most of the holes patched.  Carey ran out of tape before she could finish so hopefully within the next week we can get it done.

Jeff has built some end walls, and got a door in one tunnel.  Another tunnel is ready for a door, and the last is still waiting.  The door is a little high right now for Carey and Olivia to get in but once the snow comes there will be no complaining.  No digging into them, or sliding under the plastic.  Carey never did like crawling in through the winter, getting all dirty and cold.  It is really bad in the spring when the ground starts to thaw.

We have been working on building another greenhouse that will be just for seedlings.  With the increased demand, and love for growing in the winter all the other space has been spoken for.  We hope to have veggie boxes run earlier in the new year than in the past, likely with just storage items and eggs. 

This is the first year we have managed to get all the leeks, parsnips, beets, potatoes and carrots harvested.  It was a great feeling finishing off each crop.  There is still some broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in the field.  The cabbage could be harvested now but we have lots in storage so they might stay there now. 

We have also managed to get all the stakes out of the ground.  Carey won’t have to worry about trying to get them out in April this year.    Row cover (except 2 pieces) have been cleaned up and removed from the field as well. 


still not finished, 2 more bows and end walls

Olivia took some time and got the plastic protectors for around the orchard trees cut and in place.  Hopefully this helps to protect the trees from the mice through the winter months.  In a few more years we will have apples, peaches, pears, plums and more as part of the selections to be offered in veggie boxes. 

The asparagus, strawberry and fingerling potato orders have been confirmed for next year as well.  We are also planning on growing sweet potatoes again next year.  We didn’t grow them this past year, but hopefully going forward we can continue growing them. 

The seed catalogues are coming.  It is always fun taking some time going through the new catalogues.  We have started our orders, and hope to get them in even earlier this year. 

Jeff spent a day at an advanced level greenhouse workshop in Truro a couple weeks ago.  Each year the Nova Scotia Greenhouse growers put on advanced level workshops that Jeff goes to.  These are very educational and a great networking opportunity. 

Carey spent the same day at a strawberry growers meeting.  Once again this was very educational and a great opportunity to network.  The main focus was on the strawberry virus that has made its way into Eastern Canada.  We were glad to hear that all plants being shipped out of Nova Scotia will be safe for planting.

Carey has also been very busy with the PEI Young Farmers group, and the Canadian Young Farmers Forum (CYFF).  She sits on both boards.   Jeff is also working with the 2014 Legacy Farm Committee.   This is the time of year when organizations start to become busy with the quieter times on farms.  We both like to be involved and to give back to the committee’s in which we are involved.    We have also been working with the PEI Food Exchange and donating some of the extra produce and eggs each week.  Currently the food is going to the Anderson house and the mens shelter. 

Well we still have lots to do to continue to prepare for the winter.  And once that is done there are lots of winter projects to get done to prepare for next season.  We are a four-season farm, and love it.  Being four season isn’t just working the four seasons, but being able to harvest during all four season. 

That’s a quick update from us here on the farm, hopefully we can get back to weekly updates.