We know spring is close when we start having warm days.  We could see most of the field which is making us eager to get planting even more.  The snow is not dampening our spirits.

We have been busy with seeding.  The leeks, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and most of the onions are started.  We have also started some edible flowers and herbs. We received some wood for burning/heat in the newest greenhouse.  We have tried it out a few times to see how warm it gets/stays.  It isn’t too bad for mid-March. 


 Some of our tomatoes in our new area within the house.

Carey is harvesting small amounts of greens from within the greenhouse each week.  If you are interested in some please let us know.  We hope to be having veggie boxes start up again soon on a regular basis.  We will hopefully have fresh dug parsnips soon. 

 Some fresh greens, just harvested.  Lettuce, swiss chard, spinach and kale.

There are seedlings getting started each week, the greenhouses will be getting full. 

Some nice warm days and even some showers would be great to help get the frost out of the ground.  It’s the first time in years that it has froze.  Hopefully the freezing will help to eliminate some of the “bad bugs”. 

There have been a few ladybugs (good bugs) spotted in the greenhouses too.

We have welcomed twelve pigs to the farm for the summer.  We have 2 more additions coming soon, and possibly another one closer towards the summer.  There will be lots happening at the farm this growing season.  We have also ordered some chicks.  Check back for further updates and pictures.


Well with spring this close there is still lots to do.  Better get back at things, first on the list is to recover from this concussion.