Where did the summer go?  I don’t believe it is September already.

We have been busy trying to stay on top of everything.   I think this is the most carrots and potatoes we have ever dug, and there are still lots more to go.  This season thus far has been different than all the previous seasons we have had.  With July being hot and dry things didn’t do well.  Then we got the much needed rain.  And it rained, and rained and rained.  It rained so much we lost our beans.  Well not really lost them, they just got to big, and “woody”. 

The rain also did in the raspberries quicker than expected.  Having the fresh strawberries and raspberries can be difficult since we are not spraying with a fungicide to prevent them from spoiling quick.  Our berries are always picked fresh and loaded with natural sugars.  Even left on the plants they spoil quick.  We have chosen our varieties based on flavor, not on shelf life.  The blueberries have a longer shelf life with them.  We still have lots to harvest.  There are still lots that are just starting to ripen. 


Last week we had the Locavore Meal with Chef Ilona.  She came and prepared an amazing meal with ratatoullie, pork chops and more.  Just about everything was from the farm, with the exception of the pork, it was from KJL Meats.  The dairy was from ADL.  It is great seeing what can be created with local products, especially featuring our own farm products.


It seems like August has been a month filled with great Chef meals.  Jeff’s birthday was also last week and Chef Dana Wood from Inn at Bay Fortune was more than happy to cook for his birthday.  As a family tradition we each get to choose where we want to go for our birthday meal.  We also like to support the Chef’s and restaurants that support us.  It was a great opportunity to get off the farm.  We enjoyed a great meal.  We usually do not do gifts either for birthdays but this year Jeff received a copy of the new Chef Michael Smith cookbook.  Personalized to him. 


We had the CRC Youth come out and help on the farm for a couple of hours this past week too.  I was originally asked if we could keep 10-15 youth busy for an hour and a half.  I thought sure, would love to get our barn painted.  This past week we found out it was almost 40 youth that were coming out.  The barn is big, but not that big.  We divided the group up.  Olivia has 5 helping her harvest onions, 15 painting the barn, 3 digging carrots with myself and the rest went to harvest (and eat) blueberries.  We made sure they all got their fill on blueberries.    The barn looks so much better.  We are so blessed to have had them come out.  They helped get so much done. 


There is still plenty to come from the fields, and some things might be done for the season we are still unsure what the season really holds.  We hope for a nice warm and extended fall to make up for the late start. 

We are currently at our capacity for the veggie boxes.  Usually through the summer we can continue to take new veggie box customers on but with the increase in popularity for our veggie boxes we are now creating a waiting list.  With school starting back we have some people coming back, and some taking a few weeks off until schedules return to normal.  We are planning on keeping our veggie box numbers about the same for next year as well.

Week #11 CSA
We will be sending out the CSA applications for next season shortly.  It is with regrets that we will not be increasing the size of the CSA.  We will be adding on a fruit option as an add on for the current members.

Each day continues to be interesting, as we continue to take each day head on.


Red onions

One of the pigs rotated onto fresh pasture

Russian Banana Fingerlings

Lots of sweet corn coming soon.