Each year we spend several days working on our seed order.  Jeff and myself (Carey) sit down for hours on end for several days.  We try and choose the best seeds for our climate and from preferences of customers from previous years.  We also look through several different companies, as there can be a large difference in price and quality for the same seed.


These are some of the companies we have catalogues for.  We also do some shopping on line.  This is part of why it can take so long.  We do keep track each year of what we order from what company as well as comments we receive, and what is actually produced from it.  Record keeping does take time but at the same time it saves us time going forward in future years by helping to determine if what we ordered the previous years work or not.


With placing our largest order prior to heading to Ontario for the Guelph Organic Conference we are already receiving some of our seeds.  This is part 1 of our order from Johnny Seeds. 


We also order from some of the smaller companies as well.  Here are some of the seeds we have purchased from smaller companies. This is not all of them, just enough to get an idea of some of the work that does get put into ordering seeds.  We do try and order as many organic seeds as possible. 


Now to continue on catching up on things here at the farm.