I choose this recipe because we had fennel in season and we are always asked what do to with fennel, and I always feel very limited.  Fennel is one of those vegetables I love, but have never experimented very much with.  Olivia would just eat the fern like candy. 

I asked Jeff to make it for supper, I was off farm working for the day, and wanted to make the most of my time when I got home.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect as a meal though.  Chef Smith recommends having your favourite pasta with it.

Jeff used all the vegetables that we already had.  It called for Italian sausage and we were in luck.  We still had some of our own sausage, made by KJL meats.  (we provided the meat, they stuffed it).  So for the most part this was once again a farm meal. 

There were 2 heads of garlic in with the veggies, and boy were they good.  The peppers we used were very sweet, Jeff used a Carmen pepper and Hungarian peppers from the garden.  The colours were beautiful together.  The flavours all went together very well, nothing stood out.  The juiciness of the peppers, the sweetness of the garlic and the (oh how do I describe fennel) flavour of the fennel was a great combination for the pallet. 

Olivia seen the fennel seeds and asked what they were, and we asked her to guess.  She tasted them and guessed right on her first try.  Fennel seeds.  It is great to see how much she has learned about her food, how to grow it, and how it tastes.  She can usually tell if something is under ripe, or over ripe, not cooked enough and so on. She knew the taste of fennel, and put the seeds with the plant.  It was great. 

Jeff served the meal with white rice (and not instant).  Rice is always a big hit with Olivia, especially over pasta, so that could have been part of Jeff’s reasoning there.  The rice did not add extra flavour that would have taken away from the vegetables. 

I would defiantly have it again, glad we still have some more fennel in the field to be harvested, but time is running out.