We seem to be making great progress this fall.

We finally got the leaking roof fixed.  We started back in May, or was it April?  Finally all the steel is on and capping complete.  We had a small window when we could do it.  The winds had to be very low since we are on top of a hill.    If there was wind it would have been like trying to carry a sail up the ladder onto the roof top.  Most days that the winds were low enough were harvest days or we were busy planting.  The capping all went on Monday.  We are glad it is now complete.  No more water dripping onto the kitchen table at breakfast.


We borrowed a tractor last week and got the field plowed.  Jeff went to work on it two weeks ago and the liftarm broke on the tractor as he lifted the plough so we couldn’t finish.  We want to thank our friend Don Mowat for the use of his tractor to get the job done. We also got some of the compost moved out into the field for next year as well while we had the tractor.  Now to work on getting it spread either this year or early next year.


The chicken coops seem to be keep predators out, and have been cleaned.  We have a some pigs ordered for the spring.  If you are interested in pork next fall please let us know how much.  We want to make sure we have enough pork. 

We spent some time this afternoon going over what was planted this year and what worked and what didn’t.  Some thinks just didn’t work.  The tomatoes had blight, and we got very little, the corn did not get the heat it needed.  We are looking to include some new veggies next year as well. 

It takes a while to decide what to grow including the varieties and quantities.  Hopefully we have the seed order in by Christmas so if you have any favorites we  may not be planning on please let us know.