We had a very productive weekend.  It was cold and wet but that didn't slow us down.  We worked away in the greenhouse on Sat. and Sunday.  Jeff worked in the field.  We got the tractor started on Friday evening and got some land worked. 
The greenhouse is now completly planted.  The kale is about 2".   The oregano and lovage are doing well.  We have been enjoying the lovage in salads the last 2 weeks.  We will be taking some to market on Saturday.

Once everything was done in the greenhouse, we moved to the bunk house.  We got the remaining drywall that we had put up.  Now to get some more.  We also got some cleaning done. 

We are hoping we don't get too much rain the next couple days as we prepare to get more done.  We will be picking up the chicks Tuesday, so we need to finish preparing for them.
The small greenhouse is filled with plants from the house.  It is great to have some extra space.