It’s a dreary day out there, so why not take a few minutes and get a blog posting done.

We have grown potatoes the last 2 years.  Each year it is a full day event.  When we do it by hand, 200 lbs of potatoes seems like more than enough.  Each year, we have ran out though.  Last year we increased to 250.

Two years ago, through the winter the potatoes froze.  It wasn’t that we didn’t have enough, it was we weren’t storing them correctly.  We just weren’t set up for storage.

Last year we planted about 250lbs of potatoes, and made it into April with them.  We did loose some to the cold. 

We now have a cold room.  Still not a “normal” cold room but it works.  It is insulated, and we use a Kool-bot and air conditioner to keep it cool.  We started working on it last fall.  It still needs some finishing touches to it, but we think it will do the job just right.  A proper coldroom/refrigeration unit would cost us at least $25,000 so we are several years out from that. 

We still have the other refrigeration units incase we need them.  One is an old pop cooler.  It gets the job done.

So back to the potatoes.  We decided we would try and grow Fingerling potatoes this year.  We are growing 225lbs worth of seed, and 3 varieties.  Rose Thumb, Purple Peruvian, and Russian Banana.   We are also growing some Yukon Gems, Gold Rush, Norlands and Irish Cobblers.  Approximately 550lbs total. 


The two-row potato planter we are borrowing has helped a lot.  I don’t think my spacing is correct on the fingerlings, they are just not the right size.  Fingerlings are more of a gourmet potato, and we hope the couple restaurants we sell too will like them.


Hopefully we have lots of potatoes for everyone this year, once they come on.

We also started some early, in buckets to have a few new potatoes.  They have been growing in the greenhouse. 


Well hopefully the rain soon cooperates for a couple days for us so we can get the transplanting and seeding caught back up.  We have been busy with harvesting and other projects, now to get planting caught up and back on schedule.