The first recipe we tried was “pork chops with balsamic cherry tomatoes.”  Page 107, Fast Flavours, by Chef Michael Smith

We had just received our fresh pork and were eager to try it.  We wanted to do something more than just throw it on the grill.  My (Carey) parents were here visiting form Ontario for the weekend so it was a good time to try something new.  We like to try something new and use our guests as the guinea pigs all the time.  It can be a lot of fun.

We both enjoy cooking and trying new things.  Jeff is the main chef in the house though.  He was out relief milking for a friend that evening so everything was left for me.  It sounded so easy to do.

The recipe called for cherry tomatoes, which were still on in the garden, so we had everything we needed to make it a farm meal.  The only items not from the farm were he balsamic vinegar, vegetable oil and the salt and pepper.  We even had our own dried oregano that we dried after leftovers from the CSA pickups. 

The tomatoes that we used though, we not cherry tomatoes, but Juliet tomatoes, which are like a baby roma.   I do not think you can buy them in a store.  They are more of a “meaty” tomato so hold their shape better once cooked.  They would still be the size of a cherry tomato though.  If you got a CSA share or veggie box from us this season you may have gotten them.  We are planning on growing them again next season as well.

The pork chops were so good, nice and moist, and lots of fresh flavour.  The tomatoes, well I wasn’t expecting them to be that good.  I don’t think I have ever had cooked tomatoes that good. 

My parents have never ventured too far with their cooking or meals (in my opinion at least).  I am sure bits of that will come out as we go through the 110 recipes in the book.   There are a lot of the veggies we grow that I had never heard of until I started working with an organic farm 8 years ago.  We served the chops with mashed potatoes, as I knew it would be something safe that they would at least enjoy part of the meal.  I also had extra cherry tomatoes and fresh vegetables that I served with supper.  It went over very well, and there wasn’t much for leftover.   Even Olivia at a full pork chop herself.  

I have also discovered that I am not good at explaining how things taste, so lets hope that improves over the next several weeks.