Warning:  Pictures not suitable for everyone.


On Sunday we attended a “Pig in a Day” workshop in Summerville Nova Scotia.  I (Carey) wasn’t really looking forward to it but suggested Jeff go.  He thought we should make it a “date” day and I go with him.  Olivia was off to a friends for a birthday so it worked out. 

We had a nice drive over there, getting to see some of the sights, and the beautiful views along the Bay of Fundy.   We got to get a quick tour of the farm while we were there.  The event was being hosted at Ironwood Farm, and Rupert Jassasch is the transition specialist (for organics) that came to meet with us this past March. 

They had everything set up in the greenhouse that tomatoes are usually grown in.  They got cleaned up just in time for the event.  We didn’t have to stand out in the mud and melting snow (they had a lot more than we did).

In came the pig well half of it).  It took men to carry it.  Chef Chris Velden and Rupert carried it in and put it on the make shift tables.  Chris went over how to do some of the cuts, and what you could do with all of them.  There is no wasting any of it.


Both Chris and Rupert are originally from Germany so we got to hear stories of how slaughter day happened over there.  It was a community event, and there were some Schnapps involved.    No Schnapps for us, just apple cider. 

We learned about cutting, how to get some of the bones out (sorry I don’t know all the correct terms) and lots of other things about pork. 


In the end we got to enjoy a delicious pork meal prepared for by Chef Chris using Rupert’s veggies.  There was more talk and demonstrations after lunch while we could desserts and socializing.  It was a great opportunity for us to learn a little more about pork. 

After having ribs for supper tonight I was able to discuss how it was cooked better than I had been able to in the past.  We were able to prepare them better ourselves hearing directly from a Chef how we should/shouldn’t be doing things

We might look to host something like this next year.  If there is the interest from across the Island it is a great opportunity to learn about pork.