Jeff’s father made a pea sheller for us earlier this year.  When his parents came out to visit in June they brought it with them for us to have when shelling peas were ready.

Well they are now ready.  We have had sugar snap peas for at least the last 8 weeks, snow peas for 3 weeks and the snap (shelling) for the past 2 weeks.  We now have some extra and it is time to start freezing them for the winter. 

Jeff tried it out today, after speaking with his parents and finding out how eager his parents and uncles are to hear if it works.  Then we will be passing the plans onto them.


It will take a bit of work to see how many we can put in at once, but we got about 85% of the peas out.  Not too bad.  I think we will be passing the plans on.  This should save us a lot of work in preparing for the upcoming winter months, saving us time and energy.  

For veggie boxes this week we had a hard time deciding what to bring and what to leave behind.  There were eggplants, peppers, jalapenos, beets, carrots, cabbages, tomatoes and so much more all ready for this week.    The English cucumbers are in abundance.  We have never had this much luck with cucumbers.  We focused a lot this spring on getting them up and going.  The hard work has paid off again.


We can’t wait for the upcoming weeks.  Everything is coming along nicely.  Our broccoli heads aren’t as large as we would like, but other than that things seem to be coming along great. 

There isn’t any rain in the long-term forecast, we needed a couple days for things to dry out but hopefully in another week we have some more rain.  With the damp conditions we are now at risk for blight.  We are not sure where it is at the moment, but hope to be prepared. 

We will be starting veggie boxes with a farm pickup on August 10th   We were originally planning on starting earlier, but thought it would be better to wait until things were well under way at the farm.  Maybe next year we will start earlier.  This is an option for those that don’t want the commitment of the CSA, or would like selection in what they get each week.  We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks with farm pickup.  This will be a seasonal pickup only.  Currently the only year round pickup is Cornwall.