With me working days, Jeff has really been living up to preparing most of the meals.
He made the pasta with speedy beef tomato sauce meal on page 149 in the Fast Flavours book.
It was a nice surprise for me, since spaghetti has always been one of my comfort foods.  We do not eat it near as much as we use to, but it is still a favourite for me.  Others in the house would rather prepare rice.
As always the meal looked very similar to the picture.  Which surprises me we can have the meals look the same for the most part, not having a professional photographer or being the greatest at plate presentation.  I am sure we will be proven wrong at some point and some meals will not look the same.
I usually like more sauce with my pasta, but what the heck, lets try it this way first.  It was great.  Even when I packed the leftovers for my lunch I didn't add sauce.
It went over well.  There was more there than we expected through, we got 8 (individual) meals out of it.  
I would make it again, or should I say have Jeff make it again instead of the normal spaghetti and pork meatballs we usually have.  
Once we get back the fresh bacon, I can't wait to try the candied bacon.  Just sounds yummy.  Nothing like some lean fresh bacon turned into candy.