Parsnip Cake

Looking for something different to do with the parsnips?  What about cake?

You have heard of carrot cake?  This is very similar to carrot cake. 

Our friend Taylor had sent us a recipe to try for parsnip cake and we thought it was a great idea but we didn’t have everything that was needed for it.  I googled it and came across this one.

This is the recipe she suggested:

It was simple to make and tasty.  Olivia and I (Carey) made it while Jeff was out milking the cows Saturday evening.  For the most part it was smooth sailing.  Olivia loves to help out in the kitchen, and can make just about anything on her own.  This time when we were making the icing though, it was a little different.  In the end we laughed.  When we were measuring out the salt for the icing she was doing so right over the bowl, the lid came off.  Oops too much salt.  Easy fix though, we got it out.  Then the next thing was the ginger.  She read Tablespoon, and it should have been Teaspoon.  I didn’t catch that.  We doubled the recipe at that point for the icing.  Today she commented that the icing is a little gingery but it was still tasty.

This will be made for sure again at our place.  We hope you give it a try as well.  Just remember not too much ginger or salt.