I thought I would work on the blog as things happened. I am currently sitting on a plane heading to Ottawa, where I get to run through the airport to catch my next flight, then off to Detroit to do some more running and then to Kalamazoo where my hosts at Tillers International will be waiting.  I have been in communication with Kathae from Tillers for the past month.  I am looking forward to staying at their farm and working with their Oxen.

It is a full day of travel, and I need to be patient while I am travelling.  I do not have a lot of patience when it comes to doing nothing.  While in the air I will also be working on some farm work.

During take off I was happy to see blue skies and sunshine above the clouds, and know that we should be getting some sunshine tomorrow.  I am hoping that when I return the snow that I left has melted.  I took a couple pictures, there isn’t much here even after the storm. The traveling all went, I got to sit by myself on the first two flights, and my last half hour flight I had someone with me.  I navigated my way through the airports easier than I thought, finding where I needed to go.


I watched the sunset from above the clouds, and made it to Tillers .  I was surprised to see green grass when I got here.  Apparently all the trees are in bud.  I will get to see more when the sun comes up.

 I met two Interns, one that has been out in Wolfville NS, for the past couple of years.  I have a roommate for the duration here, Margaret.  She has been working as in Intern in New York around the Finger Lakes.  This year she will be working in an orchard.

I was told there is a couple that have brought their Oxen here.  Their Oxen are approx. 6 months and they are training them.   I haven’t met them or the other two students yet either.

I am getting ready to start day one.  Woke up at 4:30 to the rooster.  That would have been 5:30 PEI time, and about when the alarm would normally go off.  No wonder I can’t sleep.  I will be preparing for the first day of learning shortly.  It should be a fun and educational day.