Dexters learn some new things.  We could hear the thunder and as it got closer we took shelter in the museum and learned about different yokes how they are used in different countries etc. 

Dick has been to Africa and has antique yokes so we got to see lots of them.  We learned about “modern” modifications for them as well.

After lunch when the rain turned to drizzle and the storm has passed we went back out.

I got to work with Marco who is now used as a single.  We pulled a log around for a bit.  Since they know that we would like to use them in the garden they are helping me with using both a team and as singles so I can apply it back to the farm better.   

Some of the participants are in the workshop more for general knowledge and won’t be using Oxen in the near future.

We also got out a couple of the other teams that we had not used yet.  They were more of the younger teams.  After several hours everyone wanted a break I think.  We were all damp and cold.

I am coming home with all the yoke plans that we need, and have ordered the hardware as well.  They are going to have to ship the hardware for me though since I don’t think they will allow them to go in my carry on.

Now that the others are up, the day will be starting shortly.