The birds are singing away and the rooster cawed all morning.  This is a great reminder why we do not have a rooster.  We would never had a sleep in day, even when we had the time or were ill (which isn’t often).  Train and planes, all the city noises without being in the city.  Part of the noise is I slept with the window cracked. 

Around coffee I had a chance to chat with the other participants, and some of the Interns that will be taking the workshop.

There is a family from Maryland, John, Penny and their daughter Olivia.  They are looking to move to a farm in the future. The couple with the Oxen are Douglas and Karen from Illinois, they are on their third team of Oxen just for fun.  They have some Dexters, which are a small breed.  They were so cute. 

There was a 10 year old from Detroit that also came out.  He came on a class trip.  He did a good job with such big animals. 

 The 3 interns participated.  Fritz, Rin and Heidi.  Our three teachers:Dick, Dulcy and Rob. 

We started with sitting down and going over the basics, which is always a great place to start.  Then came then fun.  Going out and getting them from the large pasture where they were enjoying fresh luscious green pasture and into a smaller more manageable one. 

 We got the most experienced team (Hershall, and Walker) yoked.  Their yoke weighs about 65 lbs.  We all got our chance at driving them.  They were being a little stubborn but that just added to the challenge. 

I then went with Rob to get the next team ready, Blue and Ceaser.  That was interesting.  They were both lying down and relaxing.  When I went over to Blue Creaser was carefully watching knowing if Blue was getting the harness put on then he would also be coming as well.  Apparently Ceaser does not like Blue.  They were given the team and have been trying to work with them since.  Once they were yoked it was apparent that Ceaser did not like Blue. 

I was the first to get to drive the team as well.  It was great, they were a little more cooperative than the other team, but at the same time presented their own challenges. 


We spent the morning an part of the afternoon (until lunch) learning to drive the teams.  Learning their personalities.  Ceaser really doesn’t like Blue and it shows.  They work together as a team but need to keep mentioning his name. 

After lunch, it was back out to work with them some more.  This time is was hooking up a cart to trying to get them to turn etc with it.  All the sudden the turns re done different.  It’s the same with driving, if you put a trailer on behind. 

 I did not get much of a chance for this part.  I was feeling pretty run down with still recovering form the concussion.  I watched for part of it and observed what people were doing right and wrong so that hopefully when I go back out I can remember some of it for myself.  The teachers are great, very patient with the animals and us. 

Today is a new day, calling for thunderstorms but hopefully we can get out and get working with the animals before they come.  Then we will be working inside on some other material. 

No sign of the rooster this morning either, I wonder if that is what have kept everyone else in bed.