Sunday September 16th was open farm day, on Prince Edward Island and across the Maritimes.  We hope you made it out to one of the many farms across the Island or one near where you live.

There were 26 across the Island all together, all different commodity groups were included from potatoes, beef, dairy, and even Kool Breeze farms with their Scarecrow competition.

We were asked about being a host farm for the day, but are going to wait another year or so.  We want to make sure Timber and Jack are doing well, and that we can put some time into making it a good event for us and everyone that wants to come out.

With just getting Timber and Jack this year, we want to make sure they will be calm enough.  Also, we just got the tunnels up.  We still have some work on them to get done, and would like to have things more finished.

We thought we would take advantage of the day, and the Shellfish festival.  We went out to the Shellfish festival on Sunday after having a night away in Cavendish.  Our friends Lori and John McDonald gave us a 2 night getaway at the Bay Vista Motel outside of Cavendish. 

We asked our Saturday CSA members if they wouldn’t mind picking up a little early to allow us the getaway.  It all worked out.  We had everyone pick up by 6:30 and off we went.  We got out for supper and enjoyed an evening off the farm.  Olivia went to friends for the night (Thanks Rit and Erica).

Sunday we went to the Shellfish festival.  Jeff got volunteered (thanks for your help Olivia) to get up on stage with Chef Michael Smith to help make butter.  There were 3 volunteers.  He did an awesome job and came in second. 


Sorry the picture is blurry, it was taken on the Blackberry.   

Jeff with his second place award for making butter.  Not bad at all for his first try.

It made for a nice little weekend getaway.  Thanks for everyone that helped make it possible.  It has been a busy spring and summer and a rewarding weekend.