Blog posting is way over due.  We have had so much on the go we haven’t had a chance to get anything extra done

I will start with what I am most happy about at the moment.  We finished the 2014 potato and rutabaga harvest.  This is the second year in a row that we have managed to successfully finish both.  Olivia and I (Carey) spent part of the day harvesting cabbages.  Most of the cabbages are red this year, but we do have some savoys.   We also harvested some of the black storage radishes.  It started to rain on Saturday afternoon so we took a break from the field work at that time.


The greenhouse with half the plants out.

The greenhouses have transitioned or are in the process of.  The tomato plants are all down and we just need to finish cleaning it up.   The cucumber plants are  coming down this week as well.


My hand after pulling some tomato plants.  

We have lots of blueberries in the freezer to offer as part of the selections at veggie boxes.  They will be in the blue cooler in the second section each week.  Olivia choose the “blue” cooler for blueberries.   By the sounds of it they are going to go quick.  We still have a couple 5lb boxes of wild blueberries as well.

We have some sweet potatoes ordered up from our friend Phil in Nova Scotia.  We should have them for the last week in November at the latest.  We will be including these as part of the veggie boxes as well.


Smoked hams, smoked by Island Taylor Meats

The pigs are gone, and pork and breakfast boxes are done.  We were asked on Saturday about the number of wieners we wanted so we have placed our order.  If you are interested in a side next year please let us know ASAP so we can adjust our numbers while we still can.  Each year it gets harder and harder to get them and we find we are having to place the order earlier and earlier.  The last 2 years it has always been about this time when we need to order them.

We ended up with some disease in our greenhouses.  Usually we do not set a limit on the amount of mixed greens this early but due to this we are set back several weeks.  We have pulled all infected plants and are waiting for the new plants to be large enough.  Our apologies regarding this.  Farming is always an unknown and we are definitely facing our share of challenges (plus more I think) this year. 

We had some friends from Ontario stop by and visit.  Ken and Martha Laing from Orchard Hill Farm in Sparta Ontario.  This is the farm that gave us the inspiration to do what we do.  They got my hands dirty for the first time in years and the itch to farm.  We started with being CSA customers about 10 years ago with them and that’s when it all started.  It was a working share so we had to put in some hours on the farm to help out.  We put in way more hours than we needed and the addiction started. 

It was great to have them here, and to show them our farm.  They seemed amazed at what we have accomplished since 2010 when we set our roots here.  The visit was a little short, but got the spark a little bigger for me for next year.    It was great hearing how they have changed things over the years as well.. 

Jeff has done some greenhouse modifications and repairs as we prepare for the winter.  We are still waiting on the bales of straw for the wind break for the tunnels for next year.  The plan was to originally have them before the hurricanes came through but Arthur hit well before grain was even ready to be harvested. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be finishing the harvest.  We still have carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, leeks, radishes and cabbages to harvest.  The kale and other greens we will harvest twice weekly as needed.  

We will be getting the lime this fall, and compost spread so we are prepared for next spring.  We hope to get this done but are unsure, as it is all weather dependent.   Jeff has got about half the wild blueberries cut, and we also need to get the grass in the orchard cut.    If we have some nice days when all of this is done we hope to start pruning the apple trees for next year. 

Last week I was also honoured by the PEI Business Women’s Association for breaking ground and paving new way for Women Entrepreneurs.  I was honored with several other amazing ladies.  It is a great feeling to know that others think I am paving the way.  There are many other Women Farmers out there that also doing great things.

We will be keeping busy that’s for sure. I hope to get another blog done soon with some of the other highlights since the last blog.