No idea where time is going.  It is going to be summer before we know it.  Even though it seems like spring is never going to come, I think it will be here and gone before we know it.

We have been busy working on projects around the farm.  Jeff has built a new germination area in the new greenhouse.    It can hold up to 60 trays at once.  We can control it in two different sections.  I had it filled with trays on the first day.  He built an area 3 years ago for 28 trays, but it just wants big enough.  We currently have it filled as well.

We are working on getting a sliding door on the greenhouse too.  It will be a lot easier than having just a man door, and will allow a larger entrance way for us to move trays in and out.

We are still busy replanting the greenhouses and tunnels.  We had several trays of spinach, arugula and swiss chard that we planted out a couple weeks ago now.  They are coming along good.  We have also had to start watering into the greenhouses weekly now with the warm days in the greenhouse.


Did you see the picture in The Guardian in January where it said I was harvesting kale?  I was actually harvesting mustard greens.  Everything that was so nice and green in that picture died from the cold temperatures.  When we think we will have more to offer we are thrown for a loop.  Little by little we are getting to where we want to be.  The tunnels aren’t at a point to harvest from though.

At the past veggie box pickup we had enough greens to allow half of the choices from the first section.  We were surprised that we came home with greens.  For those on the waiting list, this is a good thing, as we hope to start to bring more people on as the season continues. 

We hope that spring is really on its way.  We sure have it here when you look in the greenhouses.  Now to prepare for the field planting next.  We find this an exciting time of year, and hope you do too when following us, and seeing the updates on Facebook and Twitter.