Where is the summer going?  I have no idea where it is going, do you?

So Arthur came and went.  Not a whole lot I really want to mention there.  He lifted one tunnel up and out of the ground, including 4x4’s and threw it on another tunnel.  We then cut plastic on the other two tunnels so that we could at least save the frames.

The tunnels at noon

The tunnels at 2pm

We were originally waiting for straw to be baled to protect from the winds in the fall when the hurricanes are a threat.  We never thought we would experience that this early in the year. 

With the temperatures we are having so far this year it isn’t really a big deal anyways, some plants like the heat, but not as much as they were getting.  Makes it easy to water too now that we use the rain to help with that. 

The strawberries are on!  Or should I say were.  They will likely be done this week.  With the strawberries coming on we also got the roadside stand opened.  It still isn’t complete but I just don’t know where the time is going.


Blueberries are coming and have just started to harvest.  Soon enough they will be in CSA boxes and the road side stand will be have some too. 


The pigs are getting big, and enjoying the outdoors.  It is surprising how fast they seem to grow.


The summer salad boxes (with strawberries) were available for pickup last week, something else crossed off the list from the campaign.  Next will be the berry boxes with blueberries and the BBQ.  We are looking forward to the BBQ in August.  It should be lots of fun.  Chef Rob from the Culinary Institute will be helping to prepare for it, as well as Jeff’s parents are coming as well.  We are also getting the buns, breads etc. from the Murphy Group of Restaurants.


We had a group of 40 from Illinois come through for a tour.  It was with a tour bus company.  They were a pleasure to have.  We were a little unsure what to expect at first since we had never had a tour come through of that size.    It was a lot of fun for all of us and a great experience.

Over this past weekend we have also had to deal with the loss of a family pet.  Diamond,  one of Olivia’s two cats passed away on the Sunday.  It was the same cat she had at pickup a few weeks ago on the Thursday after the vet appointment.  We found her on Saturday morning and she was ill.  We rushed her to AVC for treatment.  We thought things were looking up, but in the end they weren’t.  Made for a sad weekend here at the farm as Olivia deals with the loss of her first pet. 



We have lots to do going forward and are looking to a great season, as things are just starting to come into season.