Its another warm hot day on the Island.  We could really use some rain.  So if you have been asking for all these nice warm days, may you please ask for 1 day of rain each week. 

It’s a big change from last years cold and wet summer.  The heat loving crops are loving it.  Some of the cooler weather crops could do better with a little less heat though.  The peppers, tomatoes and eggplants are in bloom, or some of them.  We have fruit forming on peppers and tomatoes already too.  Last year was a little disappointing for those crops.  Even the corn is coming up nice. 

Our popcorn didn’t germinate though. 

Peas in on in full, beans are coming, Jeff said they are about 2” long so soon.  

Other than the vegetables things have been busy.  We will have fresh chicken available this week.  The pigs have a larger area outside, and are gaining well.  I think we will have pork earlier than expected than year.  We got the pigs a little earlier this year than we have in previous years. 

We are still tackling weeds.  It gets better each year.  With the fields never being worked before we moved here it has been a challenge.  The easy way out would have been to spray with a herbicide, but that would have took the natural out.  We have done some cover cropping each year, but it just hasn’t been enough.  We are noticing a difference from each year.  We are hoping that we are really getting at them this year so next year will be even better.

The veggie boxes have been having lots of choice in them.  This week some of the choices were beets, carrots, bok choi, spinach, peas, strawberries, eggs, kale, a cooking mix (kale, tatsoi, mustard greens and spinach this week) and other choices.

We have discovered some extra wildlife here at the farm as well.  We have a family of raccoons living in the barn, and also a skunk.  Jeff has wondered if we didn’t have something.  We are trying to catch them in a live trap, but so far no luck.  They are smart little things.  The food is gone each morning, and the traps set off but never anything in them.  It seems to be a challenge.

We are preparing a new field for next year.  It will be just off of Inkerman.  Jeff has been working away on getting it ploughed, and hopefully we can work it well and cover crop it this fall to prepare it for next year.

We will be ploughing under our strawberries when they are finished.  It is not a good year for them, and we seemed to have lost a lot of the plants over the winter.  Picking has been really slow.  But on the bright side, we planted out over 2000 of one variety and over 1500 over an everbearing berry.  The plants seem to be coming a long, and the weeds are under a lot better control. 

We will wait and see what the summer brings, the rest of it.  We hope that  we can continue with the warm hot days, and just the right amount of rain  (We can wish can’t we).