Well January is more than half over, and we have been busy.  The tunnels and greenhouses are a lot of work.  More than meets the eye for sure.

I (Carey) am done the off farm job at the end of this week.  I am looking forward to it.  It has been great working with the Federation of Municipalities but will be removing that hat, and I think for good this time.  I have met lots of great people during my time here, and learned so much about Municipal government.  (I came back to help them out part time in August, then full time in October until now).

I am looking forward to spending more time on the farm again, in the tunnels, barns and just doing farm stuff.  I have missed it so much, even though I have still been helping on evenings and weekends.  We have spent lots of evenings washing and weighing produce.  It has been fun as we get Olivia involved in it as well, and it becomes quality family time too.

We have our seed orders done, and are now waiting, waiting to make sure we can get what we want.  Sometimes seeds are back ordered, or crop failure from the year before or just sold out.  It can be a long slow process.  We go through lots of catalogues, and some online sites as well.  We order from several places to make sure we get the varieties we like, and to try new ones.  We are looking forward to this year.  We have some exciting changes, with some new additions to what we are growing.  I am going to keep you in suspense though.

 Some of the seed catalogues, plus online sites as well

 Currently we have Magoli (Maggy) from France staying with us.  She is with us until the beginning of February.  She has been a great help.  Jeff has had her helping to take care of a lot of the little jobs around the farm.  I think today is being spent pulling the old pea plants and doing some weeding in the greenhouse we moved during the summer.  She has also helped with some of the odd jobs that have come up.  It is great having her, and she has been a great help.  Maggy may be doing a blog posting for us while she is staying with us.

Well until Friday, it is still time to put in some work at the office.  Lots of time here and  then the fun starts.  Cleaning, organizing, and preparing for the year ahead including the daily jobs of care for the animals, eggs, and harvesting.  Veggie boxes will hopefully be starting soon too if this cold weather disappears.

taken Jan 21, so little snow for feeling like -22C