As we are getting to the end of the calendar year things are starting to wrap up for us.  We have two more veggie box pickups left (Dec 17, & Dec 19th), and two more deliveries to local restaurants.   Lots of little odds and ends being taken care of here as well.  We are also preparing for the cold long winter ahead of us, including the high winds and cold temperatures.

Jeff worked in the cold on Wednesday to finish getting the manure spread.  With an open cab, he was happy he got it done on Wednesday before the real cold set in.  We are happy that we did manage to get it spread.  It will help with adding some nutrients to the soil for next year.  I teased that he didn’t like the snow, so he turned it brown.

We spent a few days rebuilding the greenhouse that came down in the last storm.  A big thank you to our friend Don for the extra set of hands, and for all of those that offered.  Sometimes schedules just don’t work out, and we completely understand.  It is now ready for a couple of sheets of plywood and the plastic.  The plastic and the blower fan arrived on Thursday as Jeff was preparing to head out to veggie boxes.  It was a little disappointing as we have 3 holes in it to start.  The blower fan got shipped separate and also arrived on Thursday.  Hopefully we have a calm day to get the plastic on the greenhouse. 

We had a rip in tunnel #3, and Jeff managed to get that fixed today (Friday) as well.  I was out there helping him and in between what he needed help with I was brushing the snow off of the tunnels.  We had a lot of accumulation over the last day or so.  The inside of the plastic has a good layer of frost on it.  This will help to water the plants when it melts off.  Having the snow on the plastic and the frost on the inside reduces the light that can get through.  We do our best to keep it off.    Growing greens through the winter can take a lot more time, when you have to go out and brush the snow off each time it snows.  

The cloudy days have not been helping the plants grow.  Without the sunshine the structures do not warm up, and the plants can’t grow, and we cannot harvest the greens either.  It can be very frustrating when this happens.  We do our best to provide fresh greens at each pickup but it isn’t always possible.  We are thankful that our great customers understand that we work with the weather and understand that the selection can change at the last minute.   

The hens are hopefully adjusting to the cold temperatures.  With the sudden drop in temperatures we also have a drop in egg production.  The big change stresses the hens out, and the number of eggs we get is reduced.  Hopefully this picks back up over the holidays.

We are expecting another storm on Sunday.  It doesn’t sound like the winds are going to be near as high as the last storm, which will be nice.  We don’t mind the snow, it’s the high winds.  Stay safe and warm over the weekend, and we will see what comes from this storm.