Well we are almost half way through December.  Days are still getting shorter.  We are into one of the 2 most difficult months to grow produce in.  Even though we have been having a rather mild December so far it still isn't easy.  We need the day light, and we just aren't getting it.  The cloudy days also play a big factor in it.

The tunnels on Monday during the day of weird weather.

  We didn't think the tunnels would be as difficult to grow in either.  We thought they would be more similar to the greenhouses.  The learning curve was/is bigger than we thought. Don't worry though, we are catching on pretty quick and once we get into February we should be clear sailing and have an abundance.
We haven't had as much greens in the veggie boxes as we were hoping to because of the learning curve.  Next year will be better.  We are already planning the changes to be done next year to help increase production for this time of year.  
The green houses are still producing nicely but we were really counting on the tunnels to help with the extra demand.  
Veggie boxes will continue this week and next and then we will take a couple weeks off over Christmas.  We find the demand over the holidays isn't there to make it worth our while.  Between having Christmas functions, the kids home or what ever else happens we find most people want to skip those weeks.  If you are looking for fresh eggs, or some beef steak, or pork (roasts, hams, chops, or bacon) or even a chicken we would be happy to try and coordinate a pickup with you.  We are to Charlottetown several times a week, and also into Kensington and sometimes Summerside.  We could possible even do up a veggie box of the storage items if you like.  
Veggie boxes will start again in February as things start to take off, and we get more day light hours for growing.  We should have everything replenished by then.
Snow on Jan 30th, 2011
 If you are looking for a gift for that hard to buy person, we do offer gift certificates which can be used towards pork, chicken or veggies.  You can prepay for some veggie boxes or a CSA share.
We are flexible with amounts, or how you would like it spent.  I think I will be getting my parents a CSA share from a farm near them, and from a farmer we worked with when we were just a part of a working CSA back in 2006 and really starting to get into wanting to have our own farm.
Snow early Feb 2011 Baby carrots harvested March 6, 2011
With lots of snow, we were still able to grow lots of delicious vegetables all winter long.