Its been several weeks since our last blog.  We just can’t seem to stay on top of everything this year.  

We seem to be as least 2 weeks behind on everything in the field with the exception of radicchio and fennel which came early.  Our first planting of cauliflower also came quick, and since then things have slowed down.


We have the road side stand this year.  The hours for it are Wednesday and Friday from 4-7pm and Sunday from 11-7.  It keeps us busy as we are unsure of what will sell each day, and don’t want to put too much out on warm days and it go to waste.  We have been keeping all produce in coolers as well to keep it fresh. 


We had a group from Girl Guide of Canada come for a farm tour and lunch.  It was a great opportunity to teach them about where food comes from.  They were from Waterloo Region in Ontario.  They are enjoying a local meal after the tour.


We did our annual display for the Crapaud Exhibition.  We get asked each year if we would mind doing up a display featuring local produce.  We enjoy the day off the farm.

We welcomed the rain last week, and over the weekend.  It was needed across the Island.  We had been irrigating prior to that, but that gets expensive quickly and is very time consuming. 


We held the BBQ that was part of the campaign this past Sunday.  Chef Rob came out and made a delicious meal.  We were planning it rain or shine, and we did have some rain.  Thank goodness we had the washing and packing area to stay dry in.  It also worked good for laying out the food.

This past weekend was a little busier than usual.  Jeff headed to Ontario for a family funeral, leaving me (Carey) to tend to the whole farm and prepare for Tuesday on my own, with Olivia.  It was a lot of extra work, but we got through it, as we do everything.


Our friend Kevin Dube from Ontario is cycling across Canada to raise awareness about PKU.  He started in British Columbia.  During his time on the Island he stopped by to see me, and get a tour of the farm.  In the picture from left to right is Don, Kevin and myself (Carey).  The three of us go back a few years when we were councilors at Silver Lake Camp in Ontario together.  It was great to reconnect with Kevin.   You can follow Kevin here and here


We are into harvesting just about everything now.  Have started into peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and more.  We are digging potatoes each week, and starting into the fingerlings as well. 


We are also keeping busy with the blueberry harvest.  We are happy with what we were able to get from our small patches of strawberries and raspberries and are impressed with what we have managed to get so far from blueberries.  We are taking orders by the flat for high bush blueberries, and hopefully soon wild.   We are still waiting for the blueberry rakes to arrive.  Blueberries can be found at Clow's in North Wiltshire, Harveys in Crapaud, Riverview Country Market in Charlottetown and Chuck Wagon in Belfast.


Below is a look at what the CSA shares have been receiving the past several weeks. 


Week #6

Mixed greens
Mixed summer turnips
Fresh onion
Head lettuce
Napa cabbage
Berries (either raspberries or blueberries)


Week #7 CSA

mixed greens
fresh onions
head lettuce


Week #8 CSA share

Mixed greens
Fresh onion
Patty pans
English cucumber


We are continuing to work hard and enjoying it.  We have our tough days, and struggle through some other days, but it always very rewarding.