It has been a couple weeks since the last blog posting.  I have a feeling this might be how the summer is.  We will have to wait.  It can sometimes be easier to just do a posting on Facebook.  We would like to keep the blog up to date and will do our best.

This is our busiest time of year by far.  Not only are we harvesting, seeding, transplanting and working the land to prepare to plant we also have the winter cleanup to do, and prepare for the main season.  I never thought we would be so busy this early in the year.

We have hired Adam MacLean to work with us for the summer.  We may also be looking at having a student as well.  It will be great to have the extra help around here.

The Charlottetown CSA is now full.  We do have a couple extra space left for farm pickup.  We have had lots of people inquire and say they would get back to us.  We don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

We will also be doing veggie boxes in Charlottetown this year.  They will be on Thursday evenings, likely after the CSA pickup and Cornwall pickups. 

If you would like on the main season list for either pickup location please let us know. 

We were working to see if a Crapaud pickup would be possible but I don’t think it will be happening again this year.  There seems to be some interest but not enough.  We wonder if part of that is how close we are to Crapaud and residents can just drive 5 minutes up Inkerman road to get to us. 

We picked up a bed shaper this year from a friend that he was no longer using.  It took some work, but Jeff has it working well now.  We hope it saves a lot of time in bed prep this year and in years to come.


We also have a better set of discs.  They do such a better job then our first set.  We hope they can eliminate some of the tilling we do.  Tilling can be a lot harder on the soil.

Adam has already spent a day out with us, and started to get the third tunnel back up.  Jeff is planning on getting the end walls done in the next day or so to get the plastic on.

Our veggie boxes are going well (or we think so).  Everyone has been enjoying lots of fresh greens.  We will be through our storage crops soon.

We have lots of little projects happening too.  We are going to try and paint the inside of the CSA pickup area before CSA starts.  We have work to do in there prior to that happening.

We are expecting the arrival of 225 baby hens on Tuesday.  We cannot wait for them.  Olivia is excited.  So are the students in Westwood’s 3A class.  We have been spending a little time with the students each Wednesday morning.  They currently have a light garden in the classroom through the Ag Sector Council.    They have planted some different types of seeds, and we will plant more this week as well.

So far they have sunflowers, radish, beets, carrots, peas and popcorn.  This week we might look to take in some melons, onions and not sure what else.

The students are watching and comparing to see the length of time it takes for them to germinate (a good comparison between radishes and carrots), and how fast they grow.

We have had the Culinary Institute come out for a couple more tours, and there is another group coming on May 14th. 

We will also be hosting Colonel Gray students on May30th.

As you can see we have been very busy.  We are looking forward to the upcoming challenges that the year brings us and to reconnecting with the CSA members that are not part of the veggie boxes.  We are also looking forward to providing many new families with great produce.