What a great day.  I woke up this morning and it was raining.  One job crossed off the list right away.  It was planned that I was running East of Charlottetown to grab some extra row cover from a friend.  There were some other errands that also needed done so the rainy morning just made sense.

We got on the road (Becky came for the ride).  We ended up getting more row cover than we thought, not complaining just made for a good morning.  On the way back from that I got a text message saying that I should call another friend to see about getting some more strawberry plants, that he had extra.  I had to run to Vessey’s to grab some seed potatoes and a couple other things, than went on the way to check out berry plants.  When I was at Vessey’s a couple of the items I needed were on sale. 

When I went to check out the berry plants, I ended up with them.  A different variety than what we currently have.  I wasn’t prepared to get them, so will have to run back to pay for them. 

Now the truck was completely loaded up with new projects that I created all in one day.  The row cover is a lot longer than we need, so we will have to pull it out and start cutting it in the lengths we need. 

The berries and potatoes need to get planted, so that’s Tuesday’s job. 

Once I got home I tackled a few jobs, and then had Aaron from M&M Resources stop by to let me know that we will be getting lime first thing in the morning.  Something we have been waiting for, and will finally be crossed off the list.

I spent the afternoon tackling little farm jobs that have been needing to get done.  I got a couple more nesting boxes made, Jack’s entrance into his pen made a little larger, well a lot larger, space in the small greenhouse prepared for more trays, and got the trays moved from the new greenhouse to the small greenhouse and then from the house to the new greenhouse.  I even had a chance to dig holes for the posts for the hitching post for the Oxen.  Got everything all closed up, and row cover over what is already planted. 

If you want to come help plant berries and or potatoes you are more than welcome to join us on Tuesday as we work away trying to get it crossed off the list.I have put some new pictures on Facebook as well showing how things are growing.

The veggie boxes sold out in record time for this week.  Once we are able to harvest from the field, instead of just the greenhouse we will be able to do more veggie boxes.  It is still very early in the year to have fresh produce and we are doing what we can to provide as many people as we can each week.