A favorite meal of mine has always been mac and cheese.  But I have never really cared for the KD stuff, or anything out of a box.  I have always like to make my own.  As a child I grew up on Macaroni my way.  It would either be elbows, or small shells, with some grated cheese and tomato soup.  Growing up we only ever ate Colby cheese, but now I have been introduced to cheddar.  So now when making it that way I use cheddar. 

Olivia doesn’t like it the way I cook it.  She went to Ontario and had Macaroni Aunt Lisa’s way.  Which since we are sisters thought it would be the same.  Apparently it wasn’t.  So I called my sister to find out what she did different.  From what she told me it was the same, so I tried again and called it “Aunt Lisa’s way” and it was loved. 


Since I have the always loved Mac and cheese I wanted to make the “Stovetop mac & cheese with broccoli” page 150.  In case you are just tuning into the blog postings we are going through Michael Smith’s new cookbook Fast Flavours.  We have had a lot of fun so far going through it. 

 We used old white cheddar to to avoid having the dye from the orange cheese.

So back to the mac and cheese, Olivia didn’t like having the broccoli in it.  She prefers to eat her veggies raw for the most part, so would have liked it better without it, or even just on the side.  It was nice and easy to make though for a weekend lunchtime meal idea. 

We still had some fresh broccoli from the field, so used the fresh broccoli.    It was an easy to make meal and gave us lots of leftovers.  I froze the leftovers in individual lunches for the days I have to work at the office off farm.  It is not a meal that tastes near as good after being frozen.