Were is June going?  I don’t believe we are a week into it already.  We are thankful for the rain we are receiving, and hope we can continue to get some on a weekly basis throughout the summer.  We do have a pump now for irrigation just in case the dry spring is any sign of what the summer will be like.

We have the first field almost planted.  Once we get the rest of the tomatoes out, and another planting of lettuce our small field will be completed until we start our succession plantings in it as our first plantings are harvested.

Our “far” field is more than a third planted.  If you count the potatoes which are at the opposite end it would be more like half planted.

We have had some exciting things happen around here lately.  We got the paddock ready for the calves to be out in pasture.  We walked Jack around to make sure he knew that the fence was electric and thought we would be ok after a little bit.  The next thing, he goes through one side.  He headed towards the pigs, saw them and ran back in, through the fence that was still on.  I was happy, that was quick and easy.  But he kept going, through the other side and out.    Our dog started to bark, so Jack headed up that way.  That made our dog even more excited.  Both intrigued about the other.  Finally with a feed bucket, and what seemed like forever Jack was back on the lead rope we use for training him and walked well back to the barn. 

We tried the same thing with Timber (minus the excitement).  He stayed on the rope the whole time and did well.  Later that evening we added a third strand of wire to keep them in better.  

We also had the pigs get out.  I was down in the strawberries moving straw from the walkways and our dog started barking.  I was also expecting someone so I thought he was letting me know they were here.  I waited to see a vehicle come and nothing.  I went for a quick walk so I could see where he was barking and to my surprise I saw three pigs.  The fence was down and they had walked over it.  I think with the ground as dry as it is they didn’t get a shock at all, or very little.      They were at the far end of the greenhouse, ready to walk down the driveway I think.  I went and got a feed pail, put some water in it quick and came back and they were in the greenhouse.  The side of the greenhouse and the door were open.  I went back in the barn quick, grabbed some feed in another bucket and added water and got two of the three back into the fenced area.  There was a third stubborn one, Jewel but he went in the barn.  Then the thing was trying to catch him and get him back in with the rest.  After several minutes I managed to get him back in with his friends.  I closed them into the barn for the rest of the day.  That was enough excitement for one day. 

The next day, (Tuesday) Jeff was home but had to run to Kensington to get our day old chicks.  He wasn’t going to be gone long.  Our dog was once again outside.  He barked again.  I looked and we had one pig a landrace out.  He was a lot easier to get back in.  That was my fault though, I forgot to turn on the fence from the day before.  I got all the pigs back in the barn and left them until Jeff got home.  I had enough of escape pigs for a while. 

Now with the fence turned back on, and an extra strand for the calves everything seems to be better.  Now back to focusing on the field work and other projects.  We have also been hard at work getting a secure area for the chickens to be outside.