Nothing like a snowy night to work on a blog posting.

Its been snowing hard at the farm this evening.

We have had a busy couple of days here at the farm.

Today (Wednesday) we finished the 2014 leek harvest.  It was a great feeling to get them in.  We weren’t too concerned with getting them all harvested but thought we would take advantage of the nice day. 

The snow we still had on Tuesday.  It was all melted with the rain Tuesday evening.

Jeff finally got the wild blueberries mowed for the season, and about 90% of the apple orchard.  We were hoping to have gotten it done this past weekend but the snow didn’t melt until Tuesday with the rain.

Leeks for spring 2015 mulched

We got the garlic mulched, and 3 rows of leeks that we are leaving for spring harvest.  The herbs got straw down in between the rows, and lots of bulbs planted.    A few repairs on the greenhouses were done too.  It was a nice productive day. 

Garlic mulched!

Tuesday was veggie box day and we worked hard to get veggie boxes prepared before noon.  After that I got about 150 lbs of leeks harvested and Jeff got a start on the blueberry mowing. 

On Sunday and Monday we cleaned up the tunnels.  We got the rebar pulled, got the hip board straightened and back in place.  It bothered me all the time looking at them all the time, being reminded of the storm.  We have plans for them for next spring.  You will have to check back to see what we have planned.  We are still working out the details. 

I think this is the most prepared I have felt for winter since we put greenhouses up.  We have most things tidied up and put away.  We still have lot to do this winter, but feeling like we are actually getting somewhere. 

We have had a couple people ask about storms and what we do.  We will make that call by 2pm on that day.  If the Tuesday is cancelled due to the storm, the pickup will be moved to the Thursday at the farm center.  If Thursday is cancelled, unless we can schedule it for the Friday it is just cancelled.  We have only cancelled once in the past 4 years due to weather.    We will post on both Facebook and Twitter around 2pm what the status of veggie boxes are.  If they are cancelled we will call the CBC Storm Centre, so check out their website.

We try not to cancel a pickup as this can be difficult on us financially with it being a half weeks income for both of us.  We also know that a lot of our customers count on us to bring them fresh veggies and eggs each week and we don’t want to let anyone down.  Saying that we do put our safety first, with roads and weather conditions often being worse our way.  We aren’t going to head into town if we do not think it is safe. 

We hope to continue to add a few more blog postings of how we are using the veggie box veggies.