Over the past couple of years we have expanded our fields little by little each year.  We have a little more that we can expand one of our fields, by a few feet but then we are out of space.  With adding a few feet at the top of the field, it would allow us to take on an extra 2-3 veggie box customers for the main season. 

We have been actively seeking a small amount of land to lease in the area.  We were approached by a farmer at the possibility of having an additional 3 acres.  It had to be discussed with the entire family first.  We started to get excited and were planning everything that could get planted on it.  We selected some varieties, and were changing our rotations here on the land we did have.  We called to discuss it one further time and see about getting it put in writing when we were told that they would like to farm the land themselves for another couple years.  The farmer also rents from some other neighbors  and is down 50 acres for the upcoming season.  We completely understood, and thought expansion would likely have to wait for another couple of years.

Once we got discussing our landlock issue with some of the other neighbors, land started to become available.  There is 4 acres just up the road that we can rent.  It hasn’t been farmed in the last couple of years but was a good little piece from what we have been told.  There is even a creek and a pipe for irrigation purposes.  Now the excitement comes back as we continue to plan for the upcoming season. 

We also have another neighbor that is looking to sell some land to us in the next couple of years.  It is more land, mostly wooded though.  Now the opportunities that lie ahead for us in the years to come.

We have so much planned for next year, we will be keeping a close watch on our schedules so we don’t fall behind.  We are already discussing having someone hired again for next year, and lots of other changes we are planning for next year.  More strawberries are being planted, asparagus is ordered and more, and dreams of sweet corn along with more fingerling potatoes. 


We have also got several loads of manure this year.  We were trying to get some from neighbors, but had to extend our search a little further after waiting since last fall for some.  We have another load coming this fall still and a standing order for several loads each year.  We have a manure spreader on loan to us for the next week or so while we try and get it spread.  Jeff has been getting a couple loads done early each morning when the ground is still frozen.  We have gotten loads in the past, and it has been worked into the tunnels and greenhouses.  We also do have some on the farm from our livestock, but just isn’t enough. 


The spreader is a great fit for our tractor.  Just the right size.