It was hard to get motivated to do anything outside today.  The snowfall and cold temperatures did not help at all.

Now that the CSA is done, and our Saturdays have a little more time we have been taking Olivia into swimming lessons.  Today was the last day for that.  She is also in Step dancing until we get busy in the spring.  It really breaks up the day since they are in the middle of the day.   We spent some much needed time cleaning and organize within the house.

We did manage to get some farm chores accomplished as well.  Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers picked from the greenhouse.   We will be pulling the peppers and tomatoes in the near future to finish planting within in.  The cucumbers we might leave in a little longer as long as we can keep it above freezing within it.The arugula, swiss chard and some of the mixed greens are coming along nicely.  We will be looking to do veggie boxes every other week throughout the winter.  They will also include fresh eggs.    The next veggie box is schedule for Drop off locations for the winter veggies boxes include: Tuesdays - Cornwall, Charlottetown, and Thursdays - Ecole Saint-Augustin.  If there is a spot you would be interesting in having a drop off we may be able to arrange it.  We also do farm picks.

With doing our clean up we are discovering there are some items we could really use a few more of for next year.  If you have extra of any of the following, and wouldn’t mind donating them to the farm please let us know.  We do try and reuse most things, and our supplies have dropped quiet a bit over the year, or we just need more. 

  • Egg cartons
  • Plastic bags (we go through about 2 bags of bags a week through the summer)
  • Old blinds, light in colour
  • Milk jugs (plastic)
  • Pint and quart baskets (from strawberries, tomatoes etc) 

We can try and arrange pickup. Your help is appreciated.