Wow, where did June go?

We have thought about getting a blog posting done but it keeps getting put on the back burner.

Over the past month Olivia has learned to use the direct seeder and help seed.  She wanted to plant the sunflowers and take care of them.  She will have sunflowers towards the end of the summer. 

We have the majority of the transplanting and direct seeding done, but we will still be working on it throughout the summer.  Once August comes we start preparing for the greenhouse transition again.

We really enjoyed the rain last week.  It was needed.  Now that we got it, the plants have taken off nicely.  I think the beans grew two extra leaves in one day.  But with the rain came the weeds taking off as well, so now we have them to tackle them.  We were staying somewhat on top of them until this week.  We hope to be spending lots of time with them. 

The pigs are growing like crazy.  In the main area (where they will be all summer) just outside of the barn they have it pretty muddy.  It is great seeing them playing around in the dirt and mud.  They also like eating the fresh grass, weeds and anything else we seem to throw into them. 

Pork is getting sold, we will start taking orders for pork boxes in the next two weeks, now that everyone should have had a chance to order by the side.  If you are interested please let us know.

The chickens are growing fast.  We have pictures from the day they first arrived, but haven’t put them up yet.  Olivia took them with her camera.

We will have fresh chicken the second week in July and hopefully every two weeks after.  We are currently taking orders for them.

The strawberries aren’t doing as well as we would like.  They are a mid to late variety so we don’t have them just yet.  Olivia was out and picked a small bowl of them yesterday while we were weeding so they are coming.  We will be ploughing them under this summer, after they are finished.  There is a lot of weeds and we seemed to have lost a lot over the winter, we think from the freeze-thaw that we had all winter.  They are there for this year though.

We have planted over 2000 strawberry plants on the far side of the creek for future years.  They are coming along a lot better.  We are staying ahead of the weeds as well. 

The potato bugs are out in full force.  They have been enjoying the eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes.  We go through daily to squish them and eggs. 

The peas are coming nicely, we should have lots of peas in the next week from the first planting.  The Next two plantings are also coming along.  We still need to trellis the next plantings.

Tuesday and Saturday during CSA pickup times is kind of like “open farm day” if you want to come out and see things.  Jeff will always be around to help answer questions. 

Timber and Jack are growing a lot as well.  Hopefully we can get a yoke on them soon.   I just need Jeff to take some time to finish it off, in between all the other things I have him doing.

Now for July.  Hopefully it comes with rain every 4th day or so, and some heat for our heat loving plants which we are getting so far.