I don't want to remove blog postings, but we are no longer having Katherine as an Intern.  Her plans have changed with being a student and have an apartment in Ontario.  It was asking a lot for her to leave everything behind for the summer. If you know of anyone that might be interested in an Intern please have them contact us.

Extra help is always needed on the farm.  We are always looking at ways to involved others with different jobs on the farm.  Last year we tried the WWOOFing program and also HELPEX.  We decided that wasn’t the program for us.  While we were in Ontario the farm we worked with used Intern/Apprentices.  They seemed to have success with the program they were using.  Most of the applicants were interested in agriculture and wanted to learn more.  We wanted to use an intern program last year but wanted to make sure we were set up enough to help teach the intern so that they could get as much out of the program as possible.

This year Katherine MacGregor will be joining us as an Intern.  She has sent her bio for us, so everyone can get to know her bit before she arrives.

Currently in my first year majoring in International Development with a focus in Agriculture and a minor in Soil Sciences at the University of Guelph I am very excited to apply some of my new skills practically on Olde MacKenzie Farm. A self professed 'city kid', I've spent most of my life in Ottawa, but have always been interested in agriculture. Over the past few years I've worked as a WWOOFer on five organic farms varying from cheese craft to cash crop, where I fell in love with Prince Edward Island. I have volunteered with two separate inner city farming initiatives to integrate small-scale food production into cities with a midset to educate the public on the vital role farmers play in our lives. I am looking forward to getting a better understanding of farm life as a business and lifestyle choice as well as indulging my odd passion for soil biology and chemistry. It is my hope to take the knowledge I've learned to one day integrate urban farming into metropolises to supplement local food production from larger farms outside city limits.  

While staying on Olde MacKenzie Farm I hope to develop my small art and craft business and indulge in the many beauties of Prince Edward Island. Like most sensible people I love good food, friends and music and am sure PEI won't disappoint.

We are expecting Katherine the last week of April through to the end of August.  We are looking forward to having Katherine work with us this summer.

Feel free to say “hi” to Katherine and chat with her about her experiences.