We spent part of the weekend preparing for Hurricane Irene.  We were unsure what to expect for winds, which is the main concern.  We have a clear view of the wind turbines in Summerside from our place which is about a half hour drive away.  If there are high winds we usually get them. 

In December 2010 we almost lost one of our greenhouses.  The wind so strong it sheared the bolts off on the hip board (which is halfway up the side). 

With have put up an additional two greenhouses in different locations we weren’t sure how they would be with the high winds.  So far everything has been fine.  I do not think we had a good night sleep though, hearing the wind blow all throughout the evening, and being worried about what we might find once we had daylight.

So this morning we checked.  Everything seemed to be fine.  It was later discovered that the plastic came undone one of the side walls on the most recent greenhouse.  Other than that things seem to be good.

We also have our small tool shed blow over and the door break off.  Now to wait for the winds to die down a little and we should be fine.  We will have to walk through the gardens and make sure that all the tomatoes, peas and beans that are trellised have also survived.